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Eclipse Watch 2016 is intended to help people watch the eclipse with others, in groups - because it's fun.
If you have a few eclipse-viewers to share, then please submit your site on the map above.

A "site" can be:
Eclipse2006BftnA (28K)
Eclipse viewing in the street, Braamfontein 2006.

All you need is: Don't take a telescope or binoculars to your site, unless you have a very experienced person with you, who can make certain the device is either only used for projection, and that people are physically prevented from looking through the eyepiece (which will blind them), or that the device is properly filtered.
Eclipse2006PinholeProjectionAa (16K)
Take a sheet of white paper to demonstrate pinhole-projection by trees.

Small holes, of any shape, show an image of the Sun.
A fizzpop (Moon) held 2m from a tennis ball (Earth) demonstrates a solar eclipse nicely.

Some typical questions at an eclipse-viewing site:

What's happening?

Can I take a photo?

How long will it last?

Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just us in [Johannesburg / Dar es Salaam / whatever town you're in]?

Is it a total eclipse for anyone?

When's the next one?

Why doesn't it happen every month?

Can I buy this viewer? I want to show them at work.

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