Zoom in on the map (ctrl+mouse-wheel) to see regional (local) times.

Eclipse2017TownsCalculator (11K)
Get eclipse details for your town HERE
Include this link in your web-page: howto

Future eclipse for Africa are here.

This eclipse is annular for locations within about 40km of the red "central path".
No-one gets a total eclipse.

Xavier Jubier's great interactive Google map of the eclipse is here
The UK HMNAO has some nice animations of what to expect here
NASA (fairly technical) info on this eclipse is at
eclipsewise has an interactive Google map

Watch the Eclipse Safely

Watch2013Caa (19K) How to watch - eclipse viewers, pinhole projection, eye-safety - more

Video (2.5min) on watching a solar eclipse safely (with or without eclipse viewers) on YouTube.

Eclipse-viewer Production

EclipseViewerFrontAnnotatedA (22K) Advice on bulk-manufacture of (30,000+) eclipse-viewers is available here.

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